Leading International Trade Fair for
Technical Textiles and Nonwovens


9  12. 5. 2017
Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Welcome to Techtextil!

Touch base with technical textiles.

This sector is blasting off into a space of rapid inno­vation. New business openings are emerging almost daily. It’s time to take an overview of our industry: time for Techtextil, the leading inter­national trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens.

Structured, wide-ranging and in-depth.

We offer 11 product groups covering the entire supply chain for technical textiles, nonwovens and apparel fabrics:

  • Research, development, planning and consultancy
  • Technology, processes, accessories
  • Fibres and yarns
  • Wovens, scrims, braids and knitted fabrics
  • Nonwovens
  • Coated textiles
  • Composites
  • Bondtec (surface and bonding techniques)
  • Functional apparel textiles
  • Trade associations
  • Publishers

NEW! We have streamlined the ‘Technology, processes, accessories’ product group for a better visitor and exhibitor experience and an improved overall structure. For instance, CMT (Cutting, Making, Trimming) is now part of Texprocess in Hall 4.0.

A whole world awaits you.

All the latest inno­vations, all the up-and-coming issues, all the market leaders, all product areas. Nearly 1,400 exhibitors came to our last Techtextil from 52 countries, and presented new technologies to 28,500 trade visitors. The synergy created by the parallel Texprocess show netted an extra 5,500 visitors.

Above and beyond the trade fair.

Techtextil is an interdis­ciplinary thinktank. Joint projects will be forged here, and experts from industry and inter­national research will meet. This is your chance to talk to opinion leaders and influential figures, to make valuable contacts and to strengthen your business success.

Smart textiles are the future.

Hall 6.1 makes space for functional apparel textiles. Discover the full spectrum of this promising market.

Explore a whole new business universe!

12 application areas make up our galaxy.

The require©ments of space travel extend to all applica­tion areas around architec­ture, infrastructure, civilisa­tion, clothing and mobility. “Living in Space” is a theme woven into the very fabric of Techtextil. You can look forward to encountering exhibitors from all technical textile sectors.

Get on board with strong partners.

Sit back and relax, we have real space experts on board. “Living in Space” is brought to you in conjunction with the German Aerospace Center and European Space Agency (DLR and ESA). Many research institu­tions are also exhibiting here.

For your rapid orientation – the 12 application areas.

Here you’ll find the complete diverse range of technical textiles. The pictograms at the exhibi­tion stands indicate the application areas for which the products are suitable.
Horticul­ture and landscape gardening, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry*

The ear of the wheat is the symbol for cultiva­tion and tilling the soil - and for the Agrotech application area.

Under this sign you'll find the latest ideas and products for agricul­ture, forestry, horticul­ture and landscape gardening.

Mem­brane construc­tion, light­weight and solid structures, civil engineer­ing, industrial construc­tion, temporary construc­tions, interior construc­tion, earthworks, hydraulic engineering and road construc­tion, agricultural construc­tion*

The house stands for architecture and building - and that's why we've chosen it as the symbol for the Buildtech application area.

Buildtech includes all important innovations in membrane construction, lightweight and solid structures, earthworks, hydraulic engineering and road construction.

Furniture, upholstery, interior design, carpets, rugs, floor coverings*

The armchair is a symbol for home design - and for the Hometech application area.

Hometech presents innovative developments in the manufacture of furniture, upholstery, floor coverings and carpets.

Filtration, cleaning, mechanical engineering, chemicals industry, electrical engineering industry *

Gear wheels are a symbol for industry and techno­logy - and for the Indutech application area.

Indutech contains soluti­ons and products for mechanical engineering and for the chemical and electrical industries.

Environmen­tal protection, recycling, waste disposal *

Mankind protecting nature - this is the symbol for the Oekotech application area.

Oekotech stands for new ideas and interesting concepts in environmental protection, waste disposal and recycling.

Packaging, protective covering systems, sacks, big bags, container systems *

The package is a symbol for the global transportation of goods - and for the Packtech application area.

It includes all significant innovations in the packaging, covering and transportation of the widest possible array of goods.

Functional apparel, clothing, shoes*

The t-Shirt is popular all over the world - that's why we've chosen it as the symbol for the Clothtech application area.

It includes the latest develop­ments in shoe and clothing manufac­ture.

Road construc­tion, civil engineering, dam and waste site construc­tion*

The dam separates the land from water - and is the symbol for the Geotech applica­tion area.

Geotech is home to new concepts and products in road construc­tion, civil engineering, dam and waste site construc­tion.

Hygiene, medicine*

The sticking plaster is a symbol for effective medical care - and for the Medtech application area.

Medtech contains the complete range of innova­tions in the manufac­ture, processing and applica­tion of medical and hygiene products.

Cars, ships, aircraft, railway, space travel*

The tyre is a symbol for mobility - and for the Mobiltech application area.

Under this sign you’ll find the latest develop­ments in ship and aircraft construc­tion, as well as in all aspects of automobile, railway and space travel.

Personal safety and property protection*

The helmet is a symbol for effective protection - and for the Protech application area.

Under this sign you'll find the latest develop­ments in personal and property protection.

Sport and leisure, active wear, outdoor equipment, sports equipment and outfits, sports footwear*

To play sport you need the right equipment - that's why we've chosen the trainer as the symbol for the Sporttech application area.

Sporttech includes new products and ideas from the world of sport and leisure.

All 12 pictograms for the application areas and their names are subject to copyright © Techtextil, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH.
* The sectors and products mentioned under the various individual areas do not represent an exhaustive list.

Bring your know-how up to tomorrow’s state of the art!

The trade fair with a conference feel.

Techtextil is an industry event like no other. It is synonymous with first-class information and dis­cussions of technology. We can help you identify the issues that help you stay ahead of the game.

Future first:
The Techtextil Innovation Award aims high.

This prestig­ious award is for innovative ideas and future­proof developments in the sector. An expert jury decides which developments are outstanding in each of six categories. This gives us a spectacular display of brand-new potential applications. Visit Hall 6.1 to see this special show: It’s a must for all industry professionals and product developers.

A top event for international experts:
The Techtextil Symposium.

What is the current demand situation on the various markets? Which technologies are out there, and how will we handle these? At the Techtextil Symposium, top-flight experts discuss the current economic situ­ation and future challenges. Make a date for this knowledge transfer opportunity. To register and secure your place, visit

Fresh thinking, new solutions:
The student competition.

Students and young professionals seek creative, innovative approaches to building with textiles. All the models and prototypes in this exhibition aim to use materials on a profitable, economically viable basis. Come and draw inspiration from this unique pool of ideas, discuss them with the young developers in person.

Harness synergies!

Texprocess runs in parallel:
the best use of time and energy.

Right next door you’ll find the leading trade fair for processing textiles and flexible materials – the most innovative event in the sector. This is where some 300 apparel and leather technology suppliers from the machinery, equipment, techno­logy, IT and logistics industries present their solutions. Why not make the most of these bonus, high-calibre contacts from the apparel industry? Your ticket grants automatic access to Texprocess too. You gain a material advantage: two leading trade fairs for the price of one.

For more information www.texprocess.com

The Innovative Apparel Show takes the future onto the runway.

The tension is already mounting in the run-up to a fascinating joint venture by Techtextil and Texprocess. You will see innova­tive apparel textiles and processing technolo­gies up close and personal, every day of the fair in the foyer of Hall 5.1/6.1. This astonishing show is presented and choreographed by South African producer Kevin Oakes.

Selected students from the following fashion and design schools are in the running for this year’s public choice award:

  • Trier University (Fashion Design department) from Germany
  • Accademia italiana from Florence, Italy
  • École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode (ESMOD) from Paris, France
  • Escola Superior de Artes e Design (ESAD) from Matosinhos, Portugal

The Innovative Apparel Show is a stunning event, the talk of the sector. Be there as it happens!

Catch a glimpse of tomorrow’s catwalks, today:

Everything at a glance.

Everything at a glance.

Opening times

9 – 11. 5. 2017, daily 9:00 – 18:00 Uhr
12. 5. 2017, 9:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Admission prices
Admission prices
One-day ticket:Online ticket/advance purchases € 25,00 (€ 35,00 at the box office)
Season ticket:Online ticket/advance purchases € 44,00 (€ 64,00 at the box office)

Reduced-price day ticket for school and college students: € 22,00 (only for tickets bought at the box office, valid ID required). Your admission ticket also entitles you to visit Texprocess.

Advance sales

Buy your admission tickets at a reduced advance sales price easily online at: www.techtextil.com. Outside Germany you can order your admission tickets online or via your national Messe Frankfurt representative. If you have any questions about buying online tickets, please contact our Visitor Service, tel. +49 69 75 75-50 00. All admission tickets (except complimentary tickets) include free travel to and from the fair throughout the RMV local public transport network.

Getting here
Getting here

All travel infor­mation for the show can be found at: www.techtextil.com/arrival. Look out for reduced-price tickets at Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn.


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Important information
Important information

Photography and video record­ings are not permitted on the exhibition centre grounds. This includes cameras and mobile devices.

Cash purchases and the acceptance of samples are generally not permitted. The fair is for trade visitors only. Please provide evidence of your trade visitor status when buying your tickets.

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Technology, processes, accessories
Coated textiles
Research, development, planning and consultancy
Wovens, scrims, braids and knitted fabrics
Coated textiles
Fibres and yarns
Functional apparel textiles
Research, development
Wovens, scrims, braids and knitted fabrics
Coated textiles


9 – 12.5.2017
Special Events Techtextil & Texprocess
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European Digital Textile Conference
Digital Textile Micro Factor
Living in Space
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